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15 Year Fixed Loan Program


A 15-year fixed rate mortgage offers a lower interest rate than a 30-year or a 20-year mortgage and will save you a significant amount of interest over the life of a loan. Every payment you make includes a larger portion of principal and less interest so you build equity faster. Take advantage of today's extraordinarily low rates and shorten the number of years you spend writing a check to the bank. This approach to mortgage repayment is especially well suited for someone planning for retirement. You can own your home outright sooner, thus preparing for lower monthly overhead in later years! If you can afford the higher monthly payment and want an aggressive approach to reducing your debt, a 15 year loan may be a great choice for you.


  • 15-year loan pays off quickly and you pay less total interest amount over the loan period.
  • Loan can be refinanced if rate drops.


  • Monthly payments are considerably higher due to the 15 year repayment period.
  • Monthly payment does not change if interest rates drop.